AgriBusiness Thessaly Summit 2021

Field Visit Programmes

Program (A): Tsililis Distillery

Tsilili Distillery, the synonym of tsipouro. It was founded in 1989 by Konstantinos Tsililis, with the aim of producing and standardizing tsipouro and it is based in Raxa, Trikala, in the viticultural zone of Meteora. Tsilili tsipouro is the first one to be bottled in Thessaly, an area with a great reputation, tradi- tion and history in tsipouro and is rightly a Protected Geographical Indication recognized in the EU. Tsilili distillery has acquired significant know-how in the production and aging of spirits in its more than 30 years of operation. Specializing in the distillation sector, it continues the research, progress and development of innovative spirits aimed at modern consumers in Greece and abroad. For the needs of the distillery in quality grapes, it grows organically about 150 acres of privately owned vineyards and cooperates on a permanent basis with contracted vine growers mainly in Damasi and other villages of Tyrnavos.The fermentation of the marcs and the grape pulp is car- ried out in perfectly controlled conditions, with mechanical equipment of modern technology. This is followed by slow discontinuous distillation in small copper pits and aging of the distil- lates in oak barrels even for decades in underground cellars with controlled temperature and humidity conditions. In addition to the classic Tsilili tsipouro, there are Agioneri tsipouro that is aged for one year in oak barrels and Dark Cave, tsipouro aged for at least 5 years and in the last year it matures in barrels of sweet Vinsanto wine. Also, four different single-variety grape distillates are produced.Tsilili spirits have often won important awards in major international competitions and are exported to 25 countries.


  • 14h00 departure to Tsililis distillery (15 mins drive time from Ananti conference)
  • 14h30 site visit and presentation of the distillery: History, distillation, business model etc
  • 15h15 tsipouro and wine tasting at the cellar
  • 16h00 QAs and discussion
  • 17h15 end of the field visit program

Program (B): Hatzis Fresh-Salads

Hatzis Company is active in the agricultural field since 1992. In 2019 has been expanded in the cultivation, processing and distribution of leafy vegetables for fresh-salads offered ready for consumption. Vegetable’s cultivation takes place in the fields of ​​Lake Plastira, with care to good agricultural methods and free from residues of pesticides. The vegetables are daily brought at Hatzis brand-new modern premises, getting cleaned, cut, washed and carefully packed free of any preservatives. Under the supervision of food technologists, the process is subject to the Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000: 2005) specifications at all stages.


  • 14h00 departure to Karditsa (25 mins drive time from Ananti conference)
  • 14h30 site visit and presentation of the company: History, products, business model etc
  • 15h15 light lunch and salads-tasting
  • 16h00 QAs and discussion
  • 17h15 end of the field visit program


  • A reservation for joining field visit programs is mandatory. Delegates are requested to address to the secretariat the day before, Friday 19/11 not later than 14h30
  • Program (A) is limited to 30 delegates maximum
  • Programs are subject to changes/modifications