Why Does Our Work Matter

AgriBusiness Forum bridges sciences, businesses and farmers for tackling agrifood & environmental challenges

ΑgriBusiness Forum work matters, being:

  • International: with extensive networking across Europe, Asia and Americas
  • Trusted: being independent, nonprofit, nongovernmental and non-partisan platform
  • Credible: delivering objective studies, undergoing of rigorous peer review
  • Relevant: providing content-driven arguments & data to the public discourse
  • Transparent: rolling clear outputs to its audiences
  • Evident: boasting content for impact overseen by experienced academics and businesses

We at AgriBusiness Forum, investing in farm to fork approach by:

  • Providing content driven and multidisciplinary agenda
  • Disseminating innovation, digitization and digital transformation across agrifood value chain
  • Hosting first class speakers from education, research, businesses and policy makers
  • Accommodating multidimensional audience from business, farming, financing, academia and the public sectors
  • Boasting dialogue and debates between panels and the audience
  • Integrating partnerships and cross-sectoral cooperation
  • Fueling the competitive advantage of the agrifood systems in Greece and beyond
  • Connecting layers of learning, challenging, conferencing, field-visiting and networking activities
  • Supporting early stage innovative scaleups at reaching higher growth potentials
  • Adopting high-scaling partnerships and conference proceedings