Mr. Lefteris Vellis was born and raised in Thessaloniki. Graduating of the 1st Experimental High School of Thessaloniki, he began his studies in the Faculty of Agriculture of AUTH in 1997 and received in 2002 his Agronomist degree specialized in Crop Protection in 2002 and his Master’s degree (MSc), specialized in Sustainable Agricultural Development in 2005. In parallel to his postgraduate studies (2003-2005) he worked at Hellenic Organization of Agricultural Insurances, Veria as an agronomist damage assessor.

From 2007 he started working in the field of plant protection, initially responsible for the HCPA’s program against the trafficking of illegal plant protection products (PPPs). From 2008 until today, he is working as a registration manager for PPPs at companies doing business in crop protection. Alongside his job, in 2013 he completed the postgraduate study program for business executives of the University of Macedonia and received his second postgraduate diploma in Business Administration (MBA), presenting the postgraduate thesis “Economic impacts of European legislation on the plant protection products’ market”. From 2014 until today, he is the head of the registration dept. for PPPs at K&N EFTHYMIADIS, member of the technical committee of HCPA and he has taken part in a number of scientific seminars and conferences in crop protection field. He speaks English and Italian. He is married to Dimitra Papaliagka and has two children.