Markinos Athanasios was born in 10/10/1974 in Karditsa, where he permanently resides.

He is professionally engaged in primary production, especially in arable crops, with emphasis on applying intelligent farming methods.

He is President of the Local Organization of Irrigation – TOEV Tavropou in Karditsa (the organization is responsible for the irrigation of 12.000 hectares in the plain of Karditsa, with water derived from Plastiras Lake).

He is a physicist (Bsc) with a master’s degree in Electronics (Msc) and Information Systems (Msc). He is also a researcher in precision farming at the University of Thessaly. Ηe has worked at Ιntracom (2 years) and at TEI of Larisa – IT and Communications Department (10 years) as a temporary professor. He served as a Deputy Mayor of Rural Development, Entrepreneurship and Renewable Energy Sources (2010 to 2014). Furthermore he was a Municipal Councilor, and also served as the City Council Vice – President, in the Municipality of Karditsa (2014-2019).

Topic: TOEV Tavropou Karditsa: A modern approach for water management irrigation