Costas Goumas graduated from the Higher Agricultural School of Athens in 1971. In 1975 was appointed to the Land Reclamation Service of Larissa. He served as Director (1990-1994 & 2004 – 2008); who upon retirement was appointed as special advisor to the Prefecture of Larissa for water issues (2008-2010).

He served as Secretary General of the Association of Agronomists of Larissa (1986-1987), Member of the Council of the Prefecture (representative to GEOTEE) of Larissa (1987-1993), Presdeint at GEOTEE Central Greece (1995-1997) and Secretary General to the Panthessaly Coordinating Committee (PASE) for the diversion of the upper stream of Acheloos River (1995 – 2007).

He participated in the Scientific Committee for Water Resources Management (GEOTEE / CG) on issues of Thessalian interest (Smokovo Dam, Karla Reservoir, protection of water resources of Thessaly) and in the Scientific Committee of Thessaly Union of local authorities for the Revision of Thessaly Water Management Plan in 2017.

Since 2015 he is co-administrator of the website

Topic: Necessary infrastructures to cover the water deficit of Thessaly