Mr. Tsililis is born in 1960 in Fotino, a small village of Kalabaka where his parents were also born and raised. Having completed his school studies in Trikala, he obtained a degree in Physics at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 1983.

Having worked as a physics teacher in Trikala for small period, he then moved to Athens where he worked as salesman in “BRAVO” company. In 1989 he returned to Trikala and established “K.Tsililis” company. Located in Raxa, main activity of the company is the production and bottling of Tsipouro; this way his beloved hobby becomes his main professional occupation.

The outcome is the first bottled Tsipouro of Thessaly with geographical indication, named “Tsilili”, and released on the market in 1990. His love and passion for the family vineyard and distillates, contributed to the promotion and establishment of Tsipouro in the Greek market.

He is president and CEO of “K.TSILILIS S.A.”, a company he successfully manages and grows since establishment. Konstantinos Tsililis is married to Konstantina Mouzaki and proud father of two sons.