Kostas Theocharidis  was born in Thessaloniki in June 1966.  He is a graduate of the Faculty of the University of Catania Italy (1991) and oversees markets in raw materials of Barilla Hellas. He developed the program growing durum wheat contract in Greece and participated in the working group of YATT for the national strategy on cereals.

His work included activities such as: ” Markets forecasting procurement for ” Financial instruments markets for commodities ” Cost saving generation ” Negotiations ” Effective ” Risk Management ” Purchasing ” Vendor assurance HACCP management coordination in stored products and to the standard ISO 14001:2004. Finally, in the context of the development of the Barilla program for the sustainable wheat production, he is responsible for the coordination of research and the promotion of new sustainable cultivation methods in Greece.

He speaks Italian and English

Topic: Sustainability: the only mean to entrepreneurship