Nota Boumpalou working experience began 20 years ago in event management, concert productions and large BTL activations. The following years she moved to Hatzikiriakio Child Care Institution where she hold the position of Head of Corporate Affairs. In her 10 years, Hatzikiriakio was awarded with the Golden metal of Academy of Athens.

Her next stops were MSPS and WineDot advertising agencies, where she worked in the Digital marketing area and was responsible for Content development and social media administration for multiple clients and channels.

Since 2018, she works in BASF Greece, in the Agricultural Solutions department and she is responsible for communication both offline and online in a local level. At the same time, she is participating in regional and global communication and sustainability projects.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, a master’s degree from University of East Anglia, a certificate from Digima-Athens University of Economics and Business, and she is a Certified CSR practitioner.