Professor of Agronomy and Crop Ecology. Director of the Laboratory of Agronomy, Department of Agriculture Crop Production and Agricultural Environment, University of Thessaly (UTH)  (2006-Today). Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences UTH (2019-2022). Vice Rector of UTH (2013-2014) and unanimously elected Chairman of the Department of Agriculture Crop Production and Rural environment UTH for two terms 2014-2016 and 2016-2018.

He graduated from the Agricultural University of Athens (1982), received MSc in Soil Science and Water Management (1983-1986) and PhD in Quantitative Assessment of Land Use Systems (1987-1993) at Wageningen University. He is author of over 190 scientific papers in international journals (50), international book chapters (20), international conferences (106), other conferences and scientific papers.

He holds a Greek and international patent for solid biofuel production. He is evaluator of EU research programs, while his work is cited in more than 1600 international papers.

Topic: Problems and perspectives of agriculture in Thessaly, with focus on the sloping lands