Mr. Andreas Lykourentzos

Andreas Lykourentzos was born in Tripolis, Arcadia, in 1957. He is a graduate of Panteion University, from the department of Political Studies, having followed the direction of Comparative Political Analysis. He was elected as Member of Parliament for the region of Arcadia in the National Elections in 2004, 2007, 2009 and 2012. During his eleven-year parliamentary term, he participated as a member in the Standing Parliamentary Committees on: Social Affairs, Finances, Educational Affairs, Public Administration and in the Special Committees on: the Environment, the Review of the Constitution and Districts. He served as a Deputy Minister of National Education and Religions during the Government administration of Kostas Karamanlis 2007- 2009. He served as a Minister of Health during the Government administration of Antonis Samaras in 2012- 2013.

From 1st November 2019 since, he has been appointed as the President of the Organisation of Greek Agricultural Insurances.

Dr. Dimitrios Stavridis

Dr. Dimitrios Stavridis is an agronomist – entomologist, Ηead of the Department of Plant Protection, Quality and Phytosanitary Control as well as Deputy Director of Agricultural Economy of Larisa Region in the Region of Thessaly. He has worked in research programs at the Department of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and at the Plant Protection Department of the National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF) in Thessaloniki. He has taught for a number of years in the Department of Agriculture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), in the Departments of Plant Production of T.E.I. Thessaloniki and Larissa as well as in the Veterinary School of the University of Thessaly. He is the Coordinator of various research programs as well as Groups of scientists on agricultural issues including the Drafting Group of the Integrated Plant Protection Guide for cotton. He has held a large number of lectures at Scientific Meetings, and young farmers and producers trainings. He has a rich written work with publications of numerous research papers and scientific articles in Greek and international journals and has participated with presentations of his scientific works in Greek and International Conferences.

Dr. Filitsa Karamaouna

Dr Filitsa Karamaouna is a Research Director in Agricultural Entomology, Head of Laboratory of Efficacy Control of Pesticides at Benaki Phytopathological Institute. She has research experience on biological control and IPM of agricultural insect pests, evaluation of insecticidal effect of botanical substances on insect pests and their adverse effects on non-target (beneficial) insects, and groundcover management to enhance natural enemies of crop pests and pollinators in agroecosystems. She has long work experience in efficacy evaluation of pesticides (mainly insecticides) for registration purposes. She has participated as coordinator, action leader, research fellow in several projects funded by the EU (PRIMA PLANT-B, FP7-COFREE, FP7-PALMPROTECT, LIFE SAGE, LIFE ECOPEST), national (NanoBioEnviro) or private sector (Operation Pollinator). She has published around 35 peer-reviewed articles and 7 book chapters. She is the Chief Editor of Hellenic Plant Protection Journal (, Topic Editor in Insects, Assoc. Editor of International Journal of Pest Management, Review Editor in Frontiers in Bee Science.

Dr. Andreas Panagopoulos

Dr Andreas Panagopoulos is a Hydrogeologist, Research Director at the Soil and Water Resources Institute (SWRI) of the Hellenic Agricultural Organisation “DIMITRA”. His research interests include water resources management, monitoring of their quality and quantity, groundwater flow and pollution transport modelling, synthesis of NEXUS management policies through participatory approaches, hydrogeology, and climate change impacts on groundwater systems. He shares over 25 years of professional experience and has participated in more than 60 national and international R&D projects, mostly as SWRI’s project manager or team leader. He has worked as expert to European and Greek consultants’ consortia for the elaboration of development projects in Greece and Turkey, relating to water resources protection and management in the framework of EU Directives’ implementation. Dr Panagopoulos has been an acting member of the National Water Council and appointed national representative to the EU CIS working group for groundwater. He is the co-founder of Pinios Hydrologic Observatory, which is a member of the International Long Term Ecological Research network (ILTER) and the European Network of Hydrological Observatories (ENOHA).

Mr. George Makris

George Makris, is S𝗲𝗻𝗶𝗼𝗿 Editor, Strategist & 𝗦𝗽𝗲𝗲𝗰𝗵𝘄𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗿 with 29 years of experience.

He works as a senior editor covering agribusiness, EU policies focusing on CAP and the green deal and commodities for “Agricola”, a special edition for agribusiness issued by “Kathimerini” newspaper and “”, one of the leading economic sites in Greek (“Parapolitika” group).

He has worked as a communication strategist and speechwriter in the Ministries of Economy and Finance, Development & Investments, Health and Welfare as well as in the Association of the Greek Regions. He has been also appointed as an Expert for the InvestEU program by the EU Committee of the Regions.

He holds the position of secretary general in the Greek Branch of European Network of Agricultural Journalists. He has also been a member of the Greek Association of Journalists since 1998.

He holds a master’s degree in International and European Economy from Athens University of Economy and Business.

Mr. Antonis Vezyroglou

Antonios Vezyroglou studied Horticulture at the University of Nottingham (UK), pursued an MSc in Agricultural Economics at Wye College (University of London) and finally got an M.B.A. degree from Imperial College (UK).

Following his studies in the UK he worked for one year at the banking sector in London (Gerrard Investment Management) as an internal auditor, and another two years at a consulting firm in Oxford specializing in agricultural commodities (LMC International) where he worked as an economic analyst.

Returning to Greece he carried out market research in the fresh vegetable sector in Greece and in 2006 he founded together with his father the company “Vezyroglou Farm”. The Company today has vertical production of baby leaves, starting from field production, following to industrial production and reaching the final consumer.

Ms. Chara Panagopoulou

Chara Panagopoulou is an agronomist with over 30 years of experience in plant protection products (PPP) policy working in the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food, department of Plant Protection Products (PPPs), since 1995. Her field of expertise is directly link to all matters related to PPPs participating in both national and international bodies. She is the Greek representative to the PPPs legislation section of the EU Standing Committee (SCoPAFF), as well as a member of the Greek delegate participating as an expert in the current ongoing discussions at the EU Council for the proposed by the EU Commission regulation on the sustainable use of pesticides (SUR). During these years of working in the Ministry she was involved in various working groups at EU level such as post approval issues, south zone steering committee, comparative risk assessment etc. She is responsible for the risk management of PPPs and for the communication with stakeholders, farmers and the public. She also develops national legislation and constructs guidance documents on various topics related to PPPs . She is also a GEP accreditation auditor. She is passionate about promoting integrated pest management and ensuring food quality and safety.

Dr. Anna Kalamaraki

1982 Engineer of Agronomy Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

1988 PhD in Plant Pathology-Phytopharmacology, Agricultural University of Athens

Professional experience: 1986-1993 Ministry of Rural Development and Food, Department of Pesticides (Fungicides registration, National representative in various working groups for pesticides in European Commission.

1993-94 :  Research Scientist-  National Agricultural Research Foundation – Vine Institute

1995-2010 Senior Research Scientist, Head of the Laboratory of Biological Control/Efficacy of Pesticides (since 2003), Department of Pesticides Control & Phytopharmacy

3/2011-today: Regulatory Affairs Manager of ADAMA Hellas.

Participation and Coordination in European Research Projects, About 80 research publications in International and National Journals and Conferences. Training experience on the effective and rational use of pesticides. Reviewer of research papers and projects. Organizing and Scientific Committee of various Conferences. Technical support /Presentations in meeting days and Conferences of Adama Hellas products.

Committees of Hellenic Crop Protection Association: President of Integrated Pest Management, Environment and Food (2015-today). Member of Sustainable Use of PPPs/SUR (2022-today) and member of the Working group for Farm to Fork and Biodiversity and connection with Common Agricultural Practice (2020-today).