Mr. Bart Doorneweert

Fortune has enabled Bart to build his entrepreneurial experience, both as a scholar, and as a practitioner. An agricultural engineer by training, combined with  a vocation for learning, and change, have brought him to India to venture in the cotton sector, East-Africa to understand technology adoption with smallholder farmers, and finally into education & facilitation at Source Institute.

Currently, Bart is writing the Peer Learning Guide, an actionable handbook that supports anyone to design relevant education for uncertain and fast-changing environments.

Source Institute is a partner of Startlife, an affiliate of Wageningen University & Research of the Netherlands

Dr. Evdokia Krystallidou

Dr. Evdokia Krystallidou received her PhD in Animal Nutrition and an MSc in Dairy Animal Science from the University of Reading after being awarded a scholarship from IKY (Greek state scholarship institute). She holds Diplomas in Animal Production from the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Thessaloniki and ASPAITE (certified educator).

She worked as a part time lecturer at the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Thessaloniki and Larisa and as an advisor at Hellenic Feed Industries (ΕΛΒΙΖ).

She acted as program Leader for the Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals in Animal Management program. He teaches at Perrotis College and the Adult Education Program of the American Farm School. She is the Senior Project Manager of the SPMO Strategic Programs Management Office where she is responsible for many research projects.

Her research interests include animal nutrition and its impact on animal products and human health, monitoring feed formulations to meet quality performance and animal health standards, and evaluating chemical and nutritional value of feeds.

Ms. Beau van Ooijen (MSc)

Beau van Ooijen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Science and a Master’s Degree in Political Science, both obtained at the Radboud University in Nijmegen (the Netherlands).

After having lived in the Netherlands for 24 years, she recently moved to Athens to work for the Netherlands Embassy. Beau works for the Economic Department, focusing on trade and investments.

Beau has worked for the Marketing & PR Department of Arthouse LUX, based in Nijmegen. She has also served as a board member and advisor for her study association Communication Science.

She has an interest in sustainability, entrepreneurship, agriculture, energy and tourism.