Dimitris Tsombanidis

Aπόφοιτος της Γεωπονικής Σχολής του ΑΠΘ του Τομέα Φυτικής Παραγωγής (βαθμός 7), με πτυχιακή διατριβή ‘’Επίδραση κλιματικής αλλαγής στην ανάπτυξη της αμπέλου’’ και αμπελουργός (Νέος Αγρότης) .

Πρακτική άσκηση ως βοηθός οινολόγου στην ‘’ΚΤΗΜΑ ΒΙΒΛΙΑ ΧΩΡΑ’’, διαθέτοντας, επιπλέον, πιστοποιητικό οινογνωσίας του Καποδιστριακού.

Πτυχία σε Microsoft Office, Proficiency , Instituto Cervantes.

Επί του παρόντος λαμβάνω μαθήματα GMAT και σκοπεύω στο MBA international του ΟΠΑ.

Ageliki Perifanopoulou

Ageliki is a senior student at the Business Administration Department of the Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia majored in marketing.  She has worked in the field of sales and has been involved in volunteer work for many organizations such as “Kids Save Lives” and for conferences like the Balkans Conference and the Black Sea Corporation Forum.

She speaks Greek (native) and she is fluent in English.

Christos Daskalou

My name is Christos Daskalou, I come from Serres city,Greece and I am 21 years old.

I was born οn 1997 in Serres and went to 1st Elementary School and 2st High School of Serres. I graduated in 2015 and got in the University of Thessaly at the Department of Information Technology. For personal reasons I decided to retake the national exams and in 2016 I managed to get in the University of Macedonia, at the School of Science of Information, in the Department of Applied Informatics and Computer Science, where I continue my studies.

I possess the  Lower Certificate of the English Language of Michigan (B2),  Proficiency Certificate of the English Language of Michigan (C2) and Goethe Zertifikat B2 of  the German Language. I also have excellent social skills and great team spirit.