Ms. Voula Kalliakaki

Voula Kalliakaki was born and raised in Athens. She is an Agronomist, a graduate of the Agricultural University of Athens.

During her carrier she has worked in the private sector in Companies of Plant Protection products and in positions related to development, registration and distribution of plant protection products, always following the EU Regulatory Framework as well as the National Legislations and Requirements of the countries for which she has been responsible.

In 1986 she was hired by CIPA GEIGY Hellas, while from 2008 she became Head of Regulatory affairs & Stewardship Department of Syngenta Hellas with countries of responsibility Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Kosovo, Slovenia, Croatia, Israel and Palestine.

Today, she is the Head of the Regulatory Affairs Department of Syngenta’s Mediterranean Business area, she is member of the EAME Regulatory Leadership Team representing the countries of Southern Europe (South Zonal Focus Lead). She is the President of the Technical Committee of ESYF and participates at relative Committees for implementation of SUR (Sustainable Use Regulation) and for the implementation of the “Farm to Fork strategy” in Greece.

Ms. Afroditi Episkopou

Afroditi Episkopou is agronomist with a master degree in agronomy from the Agricultural University of Athens.

She started her career in 2013 at Syngenta Hellas in the Regulatory department, coordinating the preparation, submission and evaluation support to New Products and Re Registrations, according to Reg (EC) 1107/2009
In 2015, she moved to the Marketing department of Syngenta Hellas, and took the position of Digital Marketing and CRM Specialist.

In 2017 she assumed her current role as Syngenta CP Marketing Services Specialist & Communications Coordinator, coordinating the organization and planning of corporate communication through social networks, product launches, corporate Events, sponsorships, exhibitions, as well as the implementation of the digital marketing strategy, including operational management of the corresponding channels, Google, Facebook and Instagram.

She is a member of the Syngenta Hellas Business Sustainability team and ESYF communication team.

Mr. Kostas Oikonomidis

Kostas Oikonomidis is agronomist with a master’s degree in agronomy from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a master’s degree in Marketing and Communication from Athens University of Economics and Business

He started his career in 1989 as an Agronomist for the Hellenic Agricultural Insurance Organization. After a short pass from ICI Hellas and Elanco as a promoter, he was hired in 1993 from Ciba Geigy Hellas as responsible for Seeds Field Crops Development in North Greece. In 2003, he moved to Athens, taking over the position of Product Manager in Seeds Department of Syngenta and Field Crop Business Manager in 2010.

In 2011 he took the role of Marketing Head of Syngenta’s consolidated business activities (CP and Seeds) for Greece, Cyprus, Albania and Kosovo. In 2014, he took over the additional responsibility of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia as Marketing Head.

In 2020 he assumed his current role as Syngenta CP Marketing and Technical Head in Mediterranean business area (Greece, Israel, Cyprus, Palestine, Albania and Kosovo)

He was a member of the board of the Greek Seeds Association (SEPY) from 2016 to 2022.

Mr. Lefteris Vellis

Mr. Lefteris Vellis was born and raised in Thessaloniki. Graduating of the 1st Experimental High School of Thessaloniki, he began his studies in the Faculty of Agriculture of AUTH in 1997 and received in 2002 his Agronomist degree specialized in Crop Protection in 2002 and his Master’s degree (MSc), specialized in Sustainable Agricultural Development in 2005. In parallel to his postgraduate studies (2003-2005) he worked at Hellenic Organization of Agricultural Insurances, Veria as an agronomist damage assessor.

From 2007 he started working in the field of plant protection, initially responsible for the HCPA’s program against the trafficking of illegal plant protection products (PPPs). From 2008 until today, he is working as a registration manager for PPPs at companies doing business in crop protection. Alongside his job, in 2013 he completed the postgraduate study program for business executives of the University of Macedonia and received his second postgraduate diploma in Business Administration (MBA), presenting the postgraduate thesis “Economic impacts of European legislation on the plant protection products’ market”. From 2014 until today, he is the head of the registration dept. for PPPs at K&N EFTHYMIADIS, member of the technical committee of HCPA and he has taken part in a number of scientific seminars and conferences in crop protection field. He speaks English and Italian. He is married to Dimitra Papaliagka and has two children.

Ms. Irini Tsiotra

Tsiotra Irini was born and raised in Thessaloniki. She completed her studies in School of Agriculture, at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with a specialization in Food Science and Technology. As part of her continuous development, she started in February 2023 to study at the University of Macedonia in the MBA – Business Executives department.

Regarding her work experience, she started working in 2014 as an agronomist in a fertilizer trading company. In 2016, she moved to the field of plant protection, in the marketing department of UPL company, where she works until today.

Ms. Sonia Mousavere

Sonia Mousavere was born and raised in Athens. After completing her studies at the University of Patras, in the Chemistry Department, she started in 1995 her professional career in the Pharmaceutical industry. Having acquired distinct positions in production initially, and then in sales, marketing and training departments of large multinational companies, she gained valuable experience and deep knowledge of the operation, needs and challenges faced by the pharmaceutical companies in our country. In 2006 she joined Bayer Hellas, leading the Training Department of the company, expanding her experience in new fields such as Cosmetics and Agriculture. In 2013 she took over the position of the Head of Communications and Public Affairs and since then she is responsible for the corporate communication portfolio, Corporate Social Responsibility program, the local accelerator Level-up and the coordination of the company’s relations with the general public and stakeholders.

Mr. Athanasios Raptis

Athanasios Raptis is an Agronomist ( MSc) and holds a postgraduate title in International Marketing. He has been member of International and Greek Companies at the position of Sales and Marketing.

In the last 34 working years in the Greek Agricultural market, he has developed commercially various plant protection products, organized and implement communications in the Agricultural market and took part in committees that cooperating with various institutions of Agricultural products’ consumers

Ms. Martha Paisiou

Matthaia (Martha) Paisiou-Tsikritea MS Agronomist, Graduated from Athens Agricultural University was born and raised in Athens. Wife of Vasilios Paisios, mother of 2 children (Sofia and Emmanuel) and 5 grandchildren. Work Experience: 1971 NCSR Demokritos – fungi physiology. 1972-1974: PHYTOPROTEKT – import/promotion of PPPs 1975 – 1991 HELLAFARM SA PPPs Registration Approvals, technical support/promotion – Exports. 1991-2019 ALFA AGRICULTURALSUPPLIES S.A.: Registration Approvals, Technical Support/Promotion of PPPs / in EU (Dir91/414). 2020-Today MAGMA-AGRO SA: Technical Consultant for Registration Approvals PPPs / Biological Agriculture, IPM, Biostimulants and Low Risk From 1980s until today: – Member of the TC of the ESYF. – Member of Hellenic Weed Society. – Honorary Award from the Organizing Committee of 7th Panhellenic Plant Protection Conference /2018. -Participation in many Plant Protection Conferences (Greece and abroad) -Participation/ cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture and Benaki Institute for Regulatory and Legislative decisions related to Plant Protection.

Ms. Nota Boumpalou

Nota Boumpalou working experience began 20 years ago in event management, concert productions and large BTL activations. The following years she moved to Hatzikiriakio Child Care Institution where she hold the position of Head of Corporate Affairs. In her 10 years, Hatzikiriakio was awarded with the Golden metal of Academy of Athens.

Her next stops were MSPS and WineDot advertising agencies, where she worked in the Digital marketing area and was responsible for Content development and social media administration for multiple clients and channels.

Since 2018, she works in BASF Greece, in the Agricultural Solutions department and she is responsible for communication both offline and online in a local level. At the same time, she is participating in regional and global communication and sustainability projects.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, a master’s degree from University of East Anglia, a certificate from Digima-Athens University of Economics and Business, and she is a Certified CSR practitioner.

Mr. Kostas Alexandropoulos

Konstantinos Alexandropoulos was born in Athens in 1996 and is married with three (3) children. He is a graduate of the Department of Greenhouse Cultivation and Floriculture of the Geotechnical Department of the Hellenic Mediterranean University. He has a post-graduate degree in Operational Strategy, and Marketing and an MBA from Kingston University of London. He also has an executive and corporate coaching degree from the University of West Attica. In 1991 he was recruited as a salesman in the family business AGROFARM SA which counts over 60 years of presence and experience in the Crop Protection Products and Specialized Fertilizers market. Kostas started in the Sales Department and took the General Manager position in 2007. Since 2016, he is the President and CEO of AGROFARM SA and a member of the board of ESYF (Hellenic Crop Protection Association).