IntelAgro is a start-up company founded in 2018 in Thessaloniki. Our team includes experienced engineers and agronomists in the research and professional field. The aim of the company is to identify the problems and challenges of the agricultural sector and to provide innovative solutions that minimize risks and inputs while maximizing production and returns. By developing innovative technologies and integrating and applying state of the art engineering methods, we offer the most efficient and intelligent cultivation systems. We provide high added value consulting services in the Greek and international market.

IntelAgro works with public institutes and universities and offers its services to both research teams and companies in the private and business sectors.In collaboration with public and private partners, IntelAgro has submitted several proposals for funded research projects to develop innovative products related to the use of renewable energy sources and the reduction of carbon footprint in the agricultural sector.

Team Members

Marios Karagiovanidis

Born in Athens, in 1982.

Diploma of Electrical and Computer Engineering – University of Patra – 2011,

MSc in Agricultural Engineering and Water Resources – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – 2015

PhD Candidate in Agricultural Engineering – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Currently

More than 4 years of experience in research projects, focused on agricultural engineering, innovative cultivation methods, energy and resources management and predictive maintenance and conditional based monitoring of agriculture machinery.

More than 10 years of experience in the field of control and automation engineering, electromechanical systems and industrial and agricultural automation. Design, implementation and supervision of water and wastewater pumping stations and treatment plants. Delivering turnkey projects in agricultural sector, greenhouse automation and energy efficiency systems. This includes the design and construction of LV and MV power distribution systems, PLC and SCADA programming, sensors and actuators installation. Working on modeling and simulating dynamic systems using Matlab/Simulink and System Modeler, along with analog and digital signal processing using microcontrollers.

Panagiotis Karnoutsos

Born in Thessaloniki, in 1988

Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – 2012

MSc in Agricultural Engineering and Water Resources – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – 2016

PhD Candidate in Agricultural Engineering – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Currently

Qualified and experienced Agricultural Engineer with 3 years of practical and hand-on experience in hydroponics, aquaponics and vertical farming sector in Dutch and Greek market. Scientific coordinator of the EU funded research project ICAS (Intelligent Control of Aquaponics Systems). Experience in research agricultural projects including indoor farming, cannabis innovative cultivation systems and greenhouse automation.

Α.Kaltsidou silkworm farming

The object of the company is silkworm farming, silk production and cocaine exploitation. The aim of the company is to find alternative ways of using the cocoon, in Greece there is nothing analogous to utilizing the raw material before processing it. Particular emphasis is given to the creation and distribution of products based on the healing properties of the cocoon.

Agios Antonios Women Agri-Cooperative

The “Women’s Agricultural Cooperative Agios Antonios” was the first women’s cooperation in Thessaloniki. The Cooperation today comprises 20 women, that are all farmers and residents of the village.

The purpose of the cooperation is to employ women farmers of our village, enhance our family income, develop and promote the place, maintain and pass on tradition through the production and distribution of a range of healthy handmade traditional products made with love.

The need to produce these products was determined after market research, before the creation of the cooperation. We added value to the local produce and promoted our village as the products are marketed under the name of “Women’s Agricultural Cooperation of Agios Antonios” . The cooperation survived despite the competition by maintaining consistent quality, good prices and constantly promoting its work.

We produce handmade traditional high quality products with recipes that reflect our country’s cultural heritage. Perek pie with handmade pie leaves baked in the fireplace, syron, ivristo, macarina (noodles), egg noodles, trahana, jams and spoon sweets with no preservatives, cinnamon and almond cookies.

In 2008, utilizing the rural development programs, we started the operation of a traditional café (at the entrance of the village) with a well-tended yard and a playground for direct communication and sale to consumers. At the café, guests can taste traditional local perek pie and fresh pastries with their coffee or tea.

Kerkinis Gi

Kerkinis Gi S.C.C, providing high quality innovative products from pure raw materials. Our aim is to offer quality nutritious food according to the requirements of modern man through the economic model of social economy.

The beginning was in 2013, when a group of organic farmers in the region of Kerkini Serres decided to follow a different path for their production, by processing, standardizing and distributing their own products. In 2014 was completed the modern laboratory of Kerkinis Gi which is organic certified according to the strictest European certification standards.

In the short time in which we operate, we have created an excellent range of products based on Aronia and Emmer and win a broad market in these materials. We work with health food shops and delicatessen across Greece with the number of those to be growing as they embrace our efforts to quality output and excellent price / product relation.

We want to shape a common framework of thinking and production in the local community perception. In this context, we consider diet one of the primary means of self-esteem of man. So we cultivate organic, process and standardize on these tools and materials of which to ensure the finest results.

Crocus Serron

The company “Crocus Serron” deals with the growing, process and trading of the spice saffron (crocus sativus). The product is produced in the form of stigmata.

The company started with a pilot of 1 acre in 2016 in Xirotopos Serron and afterwards in Neos Skopos Serron. When we saw that the quality of the product was of the highest standards and was classified in category I, according to ISO 3632/2013 in the 3rd year (2018) we expanded the cultivation to 5 acres in Neos Skopos Serron and this year (2019) we expanded again to 15 acres.

We process the crocus manually up to the packaging in a rented area. The product we produce is distributed mainly in local shops in Serres, in specially selected shops of neighboring prefectures and in some health institutes in Germany.

Amphipolis Beekeeping

Our company “Amphipolis Beekeeping” has a new and modern honey processing and standardization. It is one of the most complete vertical units, owning and rearing approximately 1000 hives.

We are located at the foot of Mount Pangaio in Rodolivos, at the headquarters of the Municipality of Amfipolis. We are a TUV Rhineland certified company with ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 food safety systems.

Our products comply with the rules of good agricultural practice, good industrial practice and all the quality control rules provided by European law. Furthermore, we appeal to modern consumers who do not negotiate the quality of the products they buy and want to be sure of the quality of what they consume.

Our company owns original and innovative patented products that we have copyrighted in euipo (rose honey, tea with honey).

We have supplied our products to overseas markets such as Switzerland, Singapore and USA.

Polimorfi Cooperative

Polimorfi is a start-up social cooperative, which the objectives are :

* Processing of aromatic plants into agri-food products

* Creation of traditional arts education courses, such as wood carving, cooking, embroidery.

* Organization of cultural events, eg theater and dance, literature and poetry days.

The long-term goal is to create a multi-functional, visiting park, on an abandoned plot in Neo Petritsi Serres, where it will house all activities, and will create at least 10 jobs. Our aim is to establish a meeting point for creative and active people in the area, creating the conditions for the development and improvement of the quality of life of the local community

Dourlios Dairy

Dourlios Dairy is a small company with its own fields producing high quality organic dairy products. Dourlios Dairy produces dairy products with the traditional way, using only its own milk in order to be able to control the quality. Industrialization forces companies to emphasize more in quantity rather than in quality. Dourlios Dairy business model emphasizes on the production of high quality organic products. More over due to its animal food and milk, Dourlios can keep the cost low and its products can be affordable for more people.

Onnos Farm

Onnos Farm is a donkey farm with the scope to produce donkey milk, a type of milk very close to the human breast milk. Donkey milk has nutritional properties which are helping the entire human immune system. This type of milk is beneficial for asthma, stomach ulcers and intestinal ulcers. Additionally donkey milk soap can help with skin diseases. The goal of the company is to sell its products domestically and abroad.


Our company with the brand name “Aitheria”, has been active in the field of eco-industry for 4 years. The company consists of 1.2ha of private land placed on the foothills of Pierria Mountains in West Macedonia, Greece. The plant varieties transplanted in soil that had been sustained for many years. Ever since the cultivations follow the strict protocols and standards of Biological Practices and officially in 2016 has been under the supervision of DIO.  The whole production line is followed: the cultivations of herbs are collected manually, dried, packed and sold in their original form or as derivatives (infusions, essential oils, hydrosols and eco-cleaners). In our immediate plans is the construction of a small craft unit for drying and packaging of aromatic and medicinal plants. The facilities for offices and for the expansion already exist. Finally, the required equipment purchased for the operation and implementation of quality management system ISO 9001:2015.