Made Group

MADE of creative partnerships, that not only multiply the positive effect and lead to further proactive collaborations, but also inspire with ideas of social impact. MADE Group is an alliance of experts, of diverse disciplines who work together for the benefit of those who trust us: our work is shaped by the elements of sophisticated strategies, credible communications, timely management and effective operations.

MADE supports initiatives and projects of social innovation and aims to creative synergies and networks that lead to sustainable partnerships. The MADE Group provides management, communication and consulting services, empowers initiatives and undertakes projects of numerous fields such as law, mediation, finance, new technologies, innovation, education, CSR and for non-profit purposes. One of these projects is AgroSynergies

The partners of MADE are innovative and credible European public and private organizations, that share the respect for the fundamental values of the European Union and is partner of program supported by the Horizon2020 of EU. MADE is a Member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, supported by the European Commission and member of the Digital Social Innovation Community.

Team Members

Ioannis Sarros

I am an Agronomist. Ι have worked in family farming and my parents were second generation tobacco growers. They attended many national & international agricultural seminars & workshops.

1989-1991: CEO in the Agricultural Association of Elassona and I had my presentation of rural broadcasts on the Elassonas radio.

1992: I settled in Arkitsa Lokrida and I was engaged in organic farming.

1992-1997: Employee in various agricultural companies in the field of agricultural trade and management of rural development programs.

1993-1997: Trainer of geotechnics and farmers in various seminars by private companies on agricultural innovation, technology and development.

1992-1997: Member of the European Council of Young Farmers-CEJA.

2016-2018: Founding member of Social Cooperative Societies.

1997-2004: Special advisor to the Ministry of Labor &Social Insurance, the Ministry of Health and of Finance, and in legislative committees of the above ministries.

2005-2019: Production and presenting my own agricultural production until today at STAR of Central Greece TV channel

2015-2019:Editor-in-Chief of the Rural Country newspaper entitled “YPAITHROS CHORA”

Spirulina line

Our company is active in Nigrita Serron aiming at the production, processing and marketing of Greek Biological Spirulina. Our products go all over Greece as well as in several countries and cities around the world

Team Members

Ioannis Koultsiakis

I was born on 1991 and I have attended the Nigrita high School. My educational training took place at the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly in Larissa and I became an advanced geologist. My professional training and experience is at the Greek organic Spirulina and for the last years at the Spirulina Line.

Darnakon Gefsis

In 2013, Sotiris Vagenas (Technologist-Agriculturist) designed and established a well-equipped and technologically sophisticated cottage industry for processing agricultural products, following closely on strict E.U. standards concerning food. This cottage industry is located at Neo Souli which is one of the five ”Darnakohοria” in the county of Serres.

The recipes were made with love and passion and only the purest ingredients were used in cooking. No dyes or preservatives were used. The result is to have in your kitchen the goods of the Greek land that combine knowledge and science. Among our products (sauces-jams), you will not only find your favorite homemade flavors (onion-laurel sauce, red pepper-oregano sauce, etc.) but also original ones (tomato jam, orange-carrot jam, etc.) that you shall love after the first taste, satisfying even the most demanding requests. All the products are ready for use. Take a break from meal preparations and serve your loved ones with a unique experience of taste!

The brand of our products is ”Darnakon Flavors (gefsis)”. It is an effort to save the homemade delicacies of Darnakes and also to make them known more widely.

Team Members

Sotiris Vagenas

Sotiris Vagenas acquired his degree as Technologist-Agronomist from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After returning to his birthplace city, Serres, he sought employment on his subject but upon realizing the futility he decided to involve himself in something rather related. He collected all the old recipes from the Grandmas and took up the task of sharing the tastes of his land with the world. Aided by the Greek sun that provides for abundance and quality in the local agricultural production, he created a certified production unit specializing in marmalade, sauces, spoon sweets and Chutney. Sotiris “cooked” the Grandmas recipes using modern and up-to-date practices for food production

Maria Arampatzi

Primary school teacher

Sirreon Olive Farms

Our company is active in the sale of organic and extra virgin olive oil. Besides the exceptional olive oil that is has been producing for the last thirty years, the Grigoriadis family has also carried out an integrated production, storage and packaging plan for its olive products, with a focus on innovation and the promotion of Serres’s olive oil’s distinguishing features. It also offers its customers high quality services, through its use of modern bottling and packaging methods. In the village of Haropo, Serres, where the family has its home, a fully-equipped, forty square meter facility was built to house the main production unit, storage tanks and state-of-the-art bottling and labelling machinery.

Team Members

Theodoros Grigoriadis 

My name is Gregoriadis Theodoros I am 40 years old, I am a plumber and I know good English. At my mother’s company- production of organic olive oil – I voluntarily help with the production and standardization of the products. It is a family business and for three years deals with organic olive oil.


We are a Women’s social cooperative, which was founded in 1999 in Genisea, Xanthi, Greece. One of our purposes was the revival of morals, customs and traditional cultures of our country. We heard from the older people the cultivation and the processing of sugarcane and decided to <resurrect> this product and its process in exactly the same way as it was 50 years ago. Starting with the cultivation of sugarcane, it’s juicing, it’s baking, its packaging and its standardization, and we ended up in the final product, which is approved by the State Laboratory and from the Nutritionist and Diabetology Department of Harokopion University. Our final product is the well-known traditional sugar cane molasses PETMEZI which is widely used in baking and in cooking as a healthier substitute of sugar

Team Members

Athanasia Kandylidou





Elsa Karayiannidou




Ev Gaia

Ev Gaia was founded in 2013.

The aim of the company is the production of olive oil based products from olives of our own biological trees. In this company we produce the biological extra virgin olive oil with the name “Ev Gaia” and our normal extra virgin olive oil with the name “Sintio”.

In May of 2017, after a 2 year long research, we introduced the molecural olive oil (olive oil in the form of spheres) for the first time in the Greek market under the name “Perla”, in 4 different flavors.

Today we have added 3 more products in our market. The new Perla products, unique in the whole world, have put olive oil in a staring position in modern gastronomy.

Team Members

Nektarios Taflanidis

I have studied finances and management of human resources.

For many years I was an executive in a large company where I had to opportunity to even reach the CEO status. In 2013 with my wife we founded Ev Gaia that focuses on the production of food of high gastronomical value. I am the CEO of this company.

Efstratia Sainidou

I have studied business administration. For many years I was an executive in a large company.

In 2013 my husband and I founded a company called Ev Gaia that focuses on the production of food of high gastronomical value. In Ev Gaia I am the production manager.

Levanda Naturale

My business is individual and started with a lot of love for lavender. Initially, I did a lot of seminars on aromatic plants to get to know the lavender’s demands for success. Since the farms they had available were suitable and after soil tests I did, I decided to proceed with planting. After two years she started to perform and this year I decided to go professionally with the production of lavender and its products that I love so much !!! The products I have so far are lavender cuffs used as rugs and fragrances as well as packaged lavender bouquets. Soon I will have lavender essential oil. So far I have worked and fueled the products that a large hotel chain in Greece. I have also participated in two exhibitions to make my products known.

Team Members

Maria Gredi

Studies: Economic & Regional Development Panteion University of Athens

Work: Egnatia Bank SA / Executive Director of Classified Credit Management

Municipality of Emmanouil Papa Serron / Special Associate

KEK Region / Consultancy in financial matters – econometric studies

Producer of lavender and lavender products

Siris Microbrewery

Siris Microbrewery was founded in Serres, Greece, in 2014, by people who love special beers and have a history of creating premium gastronomic products. The company has invested into an integrated system of state-of-the-art production, innovative and unique for the Greek microbrewery data, which enables to produce products of premium quality, worthily competiting the most popular beers of microbreweries worldwide. Today, VOREIA beer comes with 5 different constant recipes (Pilsner, India Pale Ale, Stout, Wit, Smoked Amber Ale), while Siris Microbrewery produces special seasonal recipes at the same time (Imperial Porter, Summer Ale etc).

Team Members

Constantina Savrakidou

Has graduated from Aegean University with a degree in Food science and Nutrition (2017). She speaks fluent English and Greek and has worked at vet lab in Serres for 3 months. She is now a food scientist and technologist in SIRIS Microbrewery. Easy going by nature and able to get along with colleagues and senior managers, moreover has excellent listening and general communication skills. Furthermore she is focused and eager to further grow and develop more scientific skills


Inagros provides a technological tool aiming to bridge the gap between farmers and modern technology. The final goal of our enterprise includes the optimization of crop productivity, as well as the reduction in water fertilizer and energy consumption. This way we can improve the farmers’ quality of life and increase their annual profit. Agronomists are included in our plan; the consist the mastermind that will allow the farmer achieve the aforementioned goals.

The core of our integrated system is a device, which is installed in the agricultural areas of interest. High tech sensors are encapsulated into the device, generating the necessary data associated with various field characteristics (temperature, humidity etc). The data obtained are then transferred to our web platform, providing access to the farmer and agronomist alike. The platform tools implemented provide a variety of services, such as the detailed inspection of the field, a calendar where all actions are registered and the automation of irrigation system. Additionally, the setup of extreme condition limits for each crop types is possible. This serves as an alert limit that informs the farmers of the immediate actions that need to be taken, in order to avoid potential negative consequences for crop productivity.

Team Members

Andreas Zerkoulis

The CEO/ Co-Founder is a student pending graduation at the National Technical University of Athens, department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. He is quite experienced with electrical facilities, automated and irrigational systems. Apart from this, he has also been involved, professionally, into digital marketing and project management. Finally, he has participated as a volunteer (Team Leader in 2013, Financial Manager in 2014) in Job Fair Athens, the biggest two-day career conference organized by students, appealing to other students and graduates.

Vasileios Laskos

The Product Manager is a graduate student of Panteion University, department of Communication, Media and Culture. He is quite experienced with media, as well as with marketing, social media and project management. He has also been involved in digital journalism, as he was a trainee for 4 months in 24 media. Last but not least, he was editor in chief (for 2 years), and communications manager (1 year) of student magazine “To Kaleidoskopio”.

Canna Innov

Vertically integrated cannabis cultivation and commercialization of branded healthcare product. From seed to shelf.

Team Members

Yannis Zannias

BA in Automation Engineering (Piraeus University of Applied Sciences). Through his studies he had the opportunity to participate in two EU programs taking place in Vienna (Erasmus and Leonardo Da Vinci) where he had his first contact with web design and the digital media world via his internship at Telekom and PKS.

In 2005 he moved to Madrid, where he studied his first MA in Arts and New Technologies at the European University of Madrid. He then worked as a programmer/technician at Waskman Design Studio based in Madrid, carrying out various multimedia and interactive projects throughout Spain and Europe.

His second MA in Leadership and Cultural Management at University Rey Juan Carlos, further boosted his knowledge and skills in this specific area of studies. In 2015 took over the family agriculture business, managed to improve the current cultivation and tried new ones with positive results.

Kostas Kanaroglou

BSc in Biology and Pharmaceutical Industry specific MBA. He grew up in Athens then London. Studied in Brighton UK. In 1999 he moved to Madrid. His work experience includes 8 years in a Pharmaceutical Company (AstraZeneca) in various positions including product management, sales & market analysis as well as forecasting manager. His ability with languages (quadrilingual) involved him in numerous international projects in AZ. Since 2007 he lives in Greece and works in the pharmaceutical and health related industry (Cana Laboratories). For 5 years he worked as Human Resources Director before assuming the role of CEO in 2012.